(28/01/1929 - 28/11/2012)

This is the story of a great woman. To all appearances an ordinary woman, although with a big heart and a strong will, who sought to do good.

She was born in a modest though wonderful family and lost her father when she was a child. In a few days he was taken by an infection in his early thirties. She will never forget that last visit to her father in the hospital, that presaging fear children have, a loved person who was soon taken away... Her mother rolled up her sleeves and she provided the wellbeing of her daughters thanks to a stand at the fruit and vegetable market in Verona. Giuliana was a beautiful girl and became pregnant soon after getting married. Giovanni was born but the marriage dissolved shortly afterwards. Giuliana raised her son by herself but was helped by her mother and her sisters, who were won by Giovanni's beauty and personality. She always lived in her family's house in Via Carisio in Verona. Giovanni soon became her only reason for living, her only joy and immense pride. He was a loving, smart and caring boy... exactly what every mother dreams of. Giuliana worked hard at the market every day, thus helping him pursue his education and graduate. On 16th February 1993 she received a call from Monselice and was told that her son had had an extremely serious accident. She arrived at the hospital where her son had been taken and she found his lifeless body. Her heart broke. Not only metaphorically: she had a heart attack which prevented her from attending his funeral. From that moment on, her life made her face many hardships and losses (her entire family passed away within a few years). However, her Christian faith and her attention to the needs of her neighbour remained unchanged. As a strong and generous woman, she found a way for her son Giovanni to be remembered and honoured in the years to come. She thus founded this association to help poor students (from Italy or Africa) to study medicine and to fulfil her son's mission, namely to cure human beings. All her assets have been allocated to this purpose.

Behind every great man is a great woman, they say. And when this great woman is a mother, this saying appears to be even truer...