The story of the scholarship

Ms. Giuliana Grigoletti, to honor the memory of her only son, a doctor, who died in an accident on 16th February 1992, declared the following in her Last Will and Testament (opened after her death on 28th November 2012):

"So that the memory of my son remains alive, my will is to use my assets to establish a scholarship to help poor students to graduate in medicine.

They can be Italian citizens, foreigners who are resident in Italy or Africans known by Stigmatine Fathers. Their university fees will be paid until they graduate. I leave the authority to establish further details to the testamentary executor".

The NPO "Giovanni Scolaro" Scholarship Association was established to satisfy this testamentary will.

How to establish the state of poverty of the candidates for the scholarship

In relation to the rules of the distribution of scholarships for income granted by the Veneto region, the verification procedure of the state of need scholarship is the following: / all students who meet the eligibility criteria below will be considered

- For Italian students or for foreign students who are resident in Italy it is necessary to:

obtain an ISEEU (not ISEE) certification from the National Social Welfare Institution (INPS), a Town Hall or a Fiscal Assistance Centre (CAF) which must be authorized for the certification issuance.

The ISEE cannot exceed € 21,000 per family unit.

- For African students who are resident abroad it is necessary to:

obtain an ISEE parificato certificate (Equivalent indicator of the economic situation for University)

- For African students who are resident abroad and will be assisted in their homeland:

If certifying the income of a family unit in relation to the purchasing power of the country is not possible, the testimony of the Stigmatine Fathers will serve as a proof. The Stigmatine Fathers will act as guarantors for the aid project and the state of the poverty of the candidate.

Who can apply for the scholarship and for how long

 POOR Italian students, foreign students who are resident in Italy and African foreign students who want to be financially supported during their studies in their local universities and who are known by Stigmatine Fathers. This criterion is not modifiable as it is established with a testamentary will.

The scholarship is valid for the six-year Laurea Magistrale a ciclo unico in Medicina e Chirugia (single-cycle Master's degree program in Medicine and Surgery)

The applications from/of the African students that may have particular formative needs are accepted also for short health or technic degrees

In any case, the priority will be given to the applications for the Corso di laurea magistrale in Medicina e Chirurgia (Master's degree program in Medicine and Surgery) (as expressly mentioned in the Last Will and Testament).

The scholarship can be applied for from the first year of university enrollment until the first year outside prescribed time (only in the case of a Laurea magistrale in Medicina e Chirurgia (Master's degree program in Medicine and Surgery)). It can be applied for by the students who are starting their studies as well as by the students of subsequent years of studies if they are regular and if they expect to graduate within the first year outside prescribed time.

In case of university enrollment, the application for the scholarship must be carried out before the admission test. The distribution of the scholarship is suspended until the admission test is passed. and will start at the beginning of the academic year. In case the admission test is not passed, the applicant loses the right to receive the scholarship, but can try again next year. The application for the scholarship can be made also during the subsequent years of studies.

Amounts of the scholarship

After due consideration it became evident that paying only the university fees (as declared in the testimony will of Ms Giuliana Grigoletti) is not enough to let truly poor students graduate in medicine. Therefore, the assembly of the Association has decided to distribute an amount of money sufficient also to cover the expenses of a student residing out of town.

The scholarship offers the following amounts (to be evaluated in every single case on the basis of the actual needs):

For the students who study in Italy the following will be paid:

- all university fees around 1,350-1,550 € per year

- Subsidy for the accommodation up to 3,000 € per year (FOR THE STUDENTS WHO RESIDE OUT OF TOWN)

- Subsidy for the transport up to 500 € per year

- Subsidy for the Mensa universitaria (university canteen) up to 3,000 € per year

- Subsidy for the photocopying services and for textbooks purchasing up to 450 € per year

Therefore, the scholarship's amount can vary based on verified needs (place of usual residence, the need of accommodation and of access to canteen services in the evening, need to use the transport, etc.) from a minimum of 1,800 € to a maximum of 8,500 € per year for every year (within the terms mentioned above) of a chosen degree.

The scholarship will be distributed year by year and will be renewed only if the student will pass two-thirds of exams relative to a given year.

In particular it is possible to evaluate the possibility of granting the scholarship also to students who are on their first year outside prescribed time (only in case of Laurea magistrale in Medicina e Chirurgia (Master's degree program in Medicine and Surgery).

The situations of the African students who will study in Africa will be evaluated case by case due to the differences among the countries. The university fees and subsidies for transport, accommodation and study materials will be paid on the basis of the actual expenses and on the actual impossibility of the student to cope with them.

The Stigmatine Fathers who will select the students to support will guarantee the economic parameters of the country where each student's education will take place.

The APPLICATIONS for the scholarship must be sent to the Association by post or by e-mail together with the following certificates:

- family status on unstamped paper

- certificate of residence

- ISEEU certificate (or ISEE parificato, or a certification of poverty certified by Stigmatine Fathers or a known guarantor in cases of African Students who will study in Africa)

In case of foreign students in Italy: a copy of the residence permit and a copy of the passport

Address where to send the applications:

Associazione Borse di studio "Giovanni Scolaro" ONLUS

Via Giovanni Randaccio, 48 - 37139 VERONA